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These Lancôme liner style long wear Calligraphy Eyeliners as well as I just Don’t Gel

Dude! The Hunger games motion picture was so good! I’d checked out in a few evaluations that the movie critics believed it dragged in parts, however I didn’t feel that method at all. My eyes were glued the entire time. I believed it moved at a quick clip from begin to finish, as well as with a few exceptions, stays true to the spirit of the books.

I do believe director Gary Ross had to sacrifice some character advancement to step the story along, so I believe it assists in this situation to have checked out the very first book beforehand, or at least it may make it a lot more satisfying to have a few of that back story going in.


Oh! as well as Lenny Kravitz rocked Cinna’s gold eyeliner out! believe you me, I had my torch as well as pitchfork with me, as well as I was prepared to utilize ’em if that detail had been cut.

My own golden eyeliner held up like a champ, yay! I was terrified I’d lose it there for a second when I got teary-eyed in the scene with Rue, however lo, it even lasted with that.

Totally different than what I experienced with Lancôme’s new liners earlier this week…


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I believe it was Tuesday; I keep in mind since I’d woken up early that morning feeling emotional as well as moody.

I phone call those my “orange alert” days, as well as I tend to reach for water resistant makeup at those times, particularly when the techniques I normally utilize to soothe my inner savage beast don’t work.

So, I was getting prepared in front of my shower room mirror as well as believed I’d provide a couple of Lancôme’s liner style long wear Calligraphy Gel Liners a try.

Swatches of Indigo darling (left) as well as Violet Stylista (right)

The $24.50 liners are offered in 10 shades as well as are meant to be smudge-proof as well as waterproof. Sounded best at the time.

I used a thick line of Indigo Darling, an intensely pigmented, smooth blue, along the upper lash line of my left eye, as well as shimmery purple Violet Stylista on my right. Then, I went about my everyday business, doing my finest not to spontaneously cry.

And I did a quite respectable job, as well (save a few tears right here as well as there). Sometimes, I assumption I’m tougher than I provide myself credit score for.

This liner, however, that’s a different story.

Now, I like my gel liners strong as well as tough, like the MAC Fluidlines (my favorites), which last all the time long on me as well as don’t step for nothin’ — not tears, sweat, or likely not even a fake rainstorm engineered by Seneca Crane as well as his games makers behind the area.

But Indigo darling as well as Violet Stylista struggle with wear time on me, as well as they buckle in the deal with of a few tears. By halfway with the day, much of their pigments have already transferred up into my crease, as well as by the end of the day, the colors have faded significantly.

It’s a shame, too, since I truly like both of these colors as well as exactly how smooth they feel… assumption I’ll be staying with my MAC Fluidlines for now.

PRICE: $24.50 each
AVAILABILITY: offered now at Lancome counters as well as likewise online
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: C


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