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Redken color extend Sparkling shield and My color treated Hair

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “When life takes away your Internet connection at home, drive around until you find complimentary wireless.”

So I’m writing this from the Tiburon library vehicle parking lot, where I’m sitting inside my automobile with my laptop and digital camera.


I’m taking mobile blogging to a whole new level!

Aber ich schweife ab…

You remember how I went to the beauty parlor last week to get chocolate highlights and to color my gray roots?


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

Well, because I don’t want faded highlights the color of hay (“Haaaaaay!”), I’ve been testing some sun-protection hair stuff, including Redken’s color extend Sparkling shield ($11).

It’s a water-resistant, leave-in spray created to secure color jobs from UV rays and chlorine while enhancing hair shine and shimmer.

Erste Eindrücke

For just about a week now, I’ve been spraying it on my ponytail before heading outside.

I haven’t been using it for long, but I can say that it didn’t make a terrific first impression. It feels slick and looks waaaay greasy on my hair, like I haven’t washed it in a week (I have).

I think it may have to make with the amount of silicone it contains. The very first ingredient provided on the bottle (which normally indicates the amount of an ingredient relative to the other ingredients) is cyclopentasiloxane, a compound frequently added to hair products to minimize frizz and enhance shine.

Unfortunately, products with a lot of silicones in them also leave my hair feeling slick and greasy.

I’m not completely against silicones in my hair products, but too much is too much.

Sparkle me

I also wanted to try color extend Sparkling shield because of the sparkles I can see through the bottle. I thought they might make my hair shine, and they do, but it’s a wet-looking shine — not the kind of shine I was hoping for.

On top of the way it makes my hair look and feel, the jasmine, honeysuckle fragrance smells too strong and synthetic to me.

Work much?

In terms of sun protection — the main reason I wanted to try it — I don’t think I’ve been using it long enough to say.

When it pertains to color protecting sprays, I think for now I’ll stick with PureOlogy Colour Max ($18) spray. It may not look like much from the packaging, but at least it doesn’t leave a greasy film. That, and I love the light floral scent!

Redken’s color extend Sparkling shield may not have worked for me, but you still might like it if you’re trying to find slick, incredibly shiny hair.

Redken color extend Sparkling Shield

Price: $11 for a 5-oz spray bottle
Use: protection for color-treated hair
Makeup and appeal blog Rating: C

You might like Redken color extend Sparkling shield if…

…your hair responds well to silicones,

…you’re a die-hard Redken fan,

…you like hair products with a strong floral scent.

Looks like my laptop battery is about to die, so I’m out of here for now.


Ich hoffe du hast einen schönen Tag.

Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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