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Tarte Maracuja blush & glow could use a dash more blush and a Tad less glow

wearing Tarte Maracuja blush & glow in sunlight on my cheeks

Aha! I knew I’d seen this unusual suspect before…


Tarte’s new Maracuja blush & glow line of tint and highlighter duos has been giving me major déjà vu. They look and feel awfully similar to a couple of my tried-and-true loves from NARS, namely the Multiples ($39) and Illuminators ($29).

Available now at Sephora stores and online for $32, each blush & glow comes with a Tarte Tint at the tip and a Luminizer in the tube.

Maracujá oil comes from passion fruit seeds, and Tarte added it to the Maracuja blush & Glows. They say it delivers a high dose of vital fatty acids and vitamin C to the skin when applied.

As similar as I think these are to the Multiples and Illuminators, I wouldn’t call them dupes. Their counterparts over at NARS do seem to pack a little more pigment and feel a tad smoother to me, but after giving all three blush & glow shades a try, I will say this: they’ve got game.


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The Tint tip performs like a cream blush on bare skin or atop foundation, while the illuminating Luminizer, aka a liquid highlighter, bestows a shimmery glow to the tops of cheekbones, along brow bones or when added to foundation.

Shimmery champagne Candlelight appears to be the neutral babe in the bunch; cool-toned shimmery pink Moonlight should work well for gals who like the way they look in cool-toned pinks; and Sunlight, a warm shimmery peach, is just begging to play with warmer skin tones and tans.

I gave each of them a try on bare skin and then atop foundation, and I thought they did much better with foundation. On bare skin, the colors skipped town after about an hour, but they held their grown for 5 hours on top of foundation.

Part of me loves natural-looking cheeks, and that’s the part that adores the subtle glow I get from these duos. I also like how I can apply and blend them with my fingers. It’s just nice not having to use a brush, and it saves time for more important things, like emergency trips to See’s Candy, Target, Trader Joe’s and Petco (Tabs has been all about dried catnip lately) — or other times when I need to look presentable in a rush.

Tarte Maracuja blush & glow from the left: Sunlight, Candlelight and Moonlight

From the left: Sunlight, Candlelight and Moonlight

Moonlight’s tip broke off when I first opened it… wah!

Swatches from the left: Candlelight (two on far left), sunlight (two in center) and Moonlight (far right)

Wearing Candlelight

Wearing Moonlight

I do have a few concerns with the packaging, which I do think is cute…but cute isn’t the same as sturdy or practical. All three of the Tints snapped off the first time I opened them, so I’ve had to stick them back in/on a few times since then. And, like Humpty Dumpty, they aren’t the easiest things to put back together again. since they don’t retract, I keep accidentally gouging the sides of them with the caps.

The tubes also tend to dispense more Luminizer than I need, wouldn’t ya know it? It gets a little frustrating, and I think a precision pump would have been less wasteful.

Maybe it’s by design, though, as these seem to contain much more Luminizer than Tint. If I were to use them every day, I could see myself running out of the 0.06-ounces of Tint way before the much larger 1-ounce Luminizer.

I think I’d like these much more if Tarte reevaluated the packaging (and included a bit more of the Tint). They have so much potential to speed up my makeup workflow, but not if/when they fall apart in my hands.


PRICE: $32 each
Verfügbarkeit: Jetzt verfügbar in Sephora Shops und auch online
MAKEUP and beauty blog RATING: B

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