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Saturday Surfing, April 18, 2020

hello there, friend. pleased Saturday! Rosie woman sends wonderful greetings…

This is her pleased face, I swear. ? Her body language states she likes me, however her RBF states otherwise, ha ha ha!


Connor as well as I talked about it at length yesterday when we were hunting for wildflowers in our community (“Mama, Rosie likes you, however she likes me the most since she selected *me* as her special person.”)

If you’re in northern California in the spring, you’ll see these purple flowers all over — blooming around the hills, along roads, as well as even in the middle of auto parking lots! I believe they’re called lupine (?), as well as there’s significant patches of them where we live.

I discovered yesterday that a few of the flowers have pods on the stems that look like small peas. I grabbed a few pods wishing to grow some in our front lawn someday. Ya never know!


Cats & Makeup Sweatshirt?

$ 42.

Jetzt einkaufen

When we got back from our walk, we put our wildflower bouquet in a jar of water on the kitchen area windowsill, as well as then Connor assisted me bake a funky-lookin’ gluten-free blueberry lemon loaf.

It’s rustic looking, a.k.a. “photogenically challenged,” so while it’s not the prettiest, it’s melt-in-your-mouth perfection with a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Hmm… now that I believe about it, a slice seems great for breakfast, so while I get my yum on, please delight in your reading for the week.

Fun fact: A group of lemurs is called a “conspiracy.” Also, lemurs do something called “stink flirting.”

What occurs when your signature scent goes mainstream? (Me: I keep using it.)

Has your skin been breaking out because you’ve been staying in? right here are some reasons why your skin has been going nuts during the quarantine.

Meghan Markle’s wedding event day makeup artist, Daniel Martin, states every bride needs this blush. (Hint: It’s by La Goddess Charlotte T).

How self-isolation altered one woman’s connection with her makeup.

Allegedly, these are the very best lipsticks for women (and gents) with medium skin tones.

TikTok is bringing in the next wave of social media-based charm influencers.

A tutorial with, not one, however two different eye looks! as well as it’s with one of my preferred UD palettes, born to Run.

Please note the existence of the diva fan.

Another one, since I like HER!

So much huge hair. I kinda want to do this just for fun.

Probably not a excellent concept to view this while my tummy’s rumbling, however what the haaaaay.

My preferred was “cookie”.

Current isolation style song

I desire I was hanging out with the background singers.


Whatcha got organized for today?

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaft-Zauberabhängiger,


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