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This Week’s top articles

How’s it going out there? What have you people been up to this weekend? Something fun I hope. Tabs, El Hub and I are just chugging along and enjoying the arrival of spring, finally! We’re such weather lightweights out here, LOL! I feel horrible for the folks on the east coast still digging themselves out from under all that snow. Damn, I hope spring treats them well because this of all years they should have it.

Before I post the open thread today I’m spending some time practicing with my cameras. You’d be surprised to know how much time I spend on photography. It’s like my life is a quest to figure out how to take the best picture. straight up, photography is NOT easy, and there is no magic bullet, no magic number of megapixels that unexpectedly produces a great shot, but if I were forced to choose between 1) the best DSLR on the market with a $2,000 pro lens in bad lighting or 2) a $70 Canon PowerShot point-n-shoot cam outdoors on a sunny day — hands down, I’d opt for the cheap cam with good lighting every time.


Anywho, we made it through another week together. MAC Art supplies sure looks pretty. Can’t wait to take a closer look at the collection over the next few days…

What was your favorite new collection or product of the week? Hast du eins? That’s a hard one, but I’ll opt for Illamasqua’s pastel Nails. I think that yellow’s just divine.

A little bit of rock N’ Roll with MAC Art Supplies

“Fittingly, the first song on my iPod’s workout playlist today was Motley Crue’s home sweet Home, and it fired ME UP! — so much so that I felt like rock n’ rolling into some pink and purple makeup for my face of the day…”


Katzen & Make -up Sweatshirt ??

$ 42

Jetzt einkaufen

More summer time colors and Shimmery fun from Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess

“With highly saturated purples, bronzes, teals and gold, Estee Lauder’s Bronze Goddess summer collection salutes makeup mavens who love intense, rich color by thoroughly bringing on the bling.”

I’m Dreaming of Dolce and Gabbana Midnight Bloom

“I had a dream once where I was wandering through a beautiful tropical garden at night … Dolce & Gabbana’s Midnight Bloom summer makeup collection would have fit ideal in.”

Blues and greens with MAC Art supplies and MAC Trip

“Because a little color always helps, I reached for the MAC trip cool Eyes palette and a few things from MAC Art Supplies, as well as Benefit’s permanent collection and a Lancome mascara. In a little while I was feeling 100% better and kinda like this…”

Vetting MAC Art supplies pro Longwear Lipstain Markers

“Here are seven of the nine colors. I’m curious to hear what you think. I like how rich the reds and browns are, but I think a lot of ’em look alike on my lips, maybe due to my pigmented pucker.”

Branch Out This spring With Sonia Kashuk’s Bamboo Brushes

“New for spring, Sonia crafted these limited-edition eye, face and cheek brushes from environment-friendly bamboo, cork and a mix of natural and synthetic fibers. There’s something kind of branch-y and natural about them, like, if the Swiss family Robinson wanted to make sophisticated makeup brushes, these are what they’d look like, ha!”

I’m sweet on Illamasqua pastel Nails


“Memories of Easter mornings flooded back today when I swatched two of the four colors from Illamasqua’s pastel Nails collection for spring. The colors have been available through for a while, but they arrive at us Sephora stores this may ($14 each).”

Ihr freundlicher Nachbarschaftsaufrufsüchtiger,


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