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Why Is It difficult to state Goodbye to Old Makeup?

Me checking out the all the totes in the dining space corner
Why is it so difficult to s​​ay goodbye to old makeup? I’ve been believing about this lately, in big part since all of the momentum I had while I was decluttering my stock last spring has ground to a halt. The Marie Kondo train I was happily riding — toot, toot! — has been going nowhere for months.

I’ve been stuck. huge time.


One thing that hasn’t assisted was that I had to bring all of the products that were out in boxes in the garage back into my house, as well as UGH — it’s a long, dumb story concerning homeowner’s association car parking rules, however the point is, I had to do it, as well as now everything’s stashed in a corner of my dining room.

Totes upon totes upon totes, however hey, at least I had the great sense to not bring it back into my office!

I’m checking out the totes in the corner now as well as wondering why I haven’t touched them in months.


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I believe one reason is since I presumed that decluttering makeup would be on the exact same level as cleaning out my wardrobe as well as stating goodbye to my pre-baby wardrobe, which was hard, however not impossible. Yes, it took a while, as well as it had lots of tough emotional moments, however I got with it, as well as I felt fantastic afterward.

To quote Boyz II Men, “It’s so difficult to state goodbye to yesterday.”
Here’s the thing, though: with clothes, you get instant comments if something doesn’t fit. For example, when I cleaned out my wardrobe earlier this year, I might try on stuff as well as make an instant decision. One time, I tried on a adorable white jacket, as well as I couldn’t even get my arm with a sleeve, so it was simple to say, “OK, this clearly doesn’t in shape me ideal now at this moment, so I’m delighted to pass it on to somebody who can in shape into it as well as will appreciate it more.”

With makeup, it’s not always the exact same instant comments for me. I mean, yeah, there are the evident times when I’ll open something up, as well as it’ll look odd or odor funny, as well as I’ll understand ideal away that it’s going.

The additionally I’ve gotten into the purging process, the a lot more difficult it has ended up being to state goodbye.

Like, I’ll see a gorgeous piece I’ve held onto for many years as well as believe to myself, “Oh, this is truly pretty! I have to keep it.” then I’ll do the math as well as recognize I’ve had it for…way as well long, as well as even though logically I understand the product must still go, has to go, I can’t do it.

I have a tendency to 1) keep in mind exactly how I utilized to be in the past or 2) believe about exactly how I may be in the future, as well as when I’m surrounded by those compacts, lipsticks as well as palettes, I’m seldom ever in the present moment.

For example, I’ll have a blush in my hand, as well as so lots of memories of my 30-something self come flooding back. It was a time as well as location when I was kindasorta fabulous! I stomped-walked in high heels anywhere I went — yup, even at the airport, girl! My wardrobe was bursting with quirky gowns as well as adorable accessories, as well as I stumbled into all kind of adventures. a lot of of the makeup currently sitting in the totes in my dining space is from that era.

And, on the opposite end of the spectrum, often I’ll be holding the exact same blush as well as will begin believing about the future. I’ll question if I may requirement that blush someday as well as if I’ll regret letting it go.

What if, what if, what if.

I assumption one lesson discovered from this process is that I no longer want to be swinging back as well as forth between who I was in the past as well as where I may be in future. I just really, truly want to be a lot more present in the present moment. Das jetzt.

So, perhaps that’s the push I’ll need. Vielleicht? Hoffentlich.

I likewise try to tell myself that stating goodbye to old makeup indicates I’ll have a lot more space for much better things in the future. Newer things. perhaps I’ll discover new colors as well as structures as well as brands to love!

Anyway, say thanks to you for listening. I hope this was appropriate to you in some method as a fellow appeal lover.


Here’s to all of us moving forward, one lipstick at a time.

Ihre freundliche Gemeinschaftsberufung Süchtiger,


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