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NARS Eye paint in Black Valley, feline Eyes as well as a growing dilemma among feline women

using the new NARS Eye paint in Black Valley ($25)
According to recent research study in the field of feline woman psychology, events of Kitty Stockholm Syndrome among humans held hostage by cats is at an all-time high.

A random sampling of feline women between the ages of 22-65 indicates that the rate of Kitty Stockholm Syndrome, or KSS, a trauma that occurs when humans empathize with their feline captors, impacts a staggering 99.9% of women held hostage by their cats.


Because of the stigma connected to KSS, as well as fearing retribution at the paws of their feline captors, numerous feline women are reluctant to publicly talk about the phenomenon. however a few take on souls, like blog writer Karen of makeup as well as charm Blog, have been prepared to speak about it on the record.

Karen just recently sat down with us for this special interview to expose what goes on in the mind of a feline woman KSS sufferer…

“Oh, sure,” stated Karen, a professional charm blog writer as well as feline woman who’s dealt with KSS because 2007. “I’ve got KSS, huge time, however it doesn’t truly manifest itself up until I really leave the Verbindung.


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“Take last week. My captor, Tabs, stayed at house while I went to Las vegas for a conference. Now, you may believe I would have utilized the trip as an chance to escape, however the entire time I was there, I kept believing about Tabs — wondering if he was viewing birds with the windows, or sleeping, or eating the potted catnip plant he required me to set up before leaving.

“I believed of him so much that it even came with in my makeup!

“I used feline eye liner over the entire trip, precisely the method Tabs likes it, as well — in a true black shade, dark as well as dramatic, with a flirty, feline flick at the end — utilizing the new NARS Eye paint in Black Valley ($25).

“By the way, NARS Black Valley? All kind of rad.

Black Valley, a true matte black
“Warten! — you haven’t tried it yet? I understand this interview is expected to be about KSS, however seriously, we have got to get you on the Black Valley train, ASAP.

“It’s from the new NARS Eye Paints line of long-wearing potted gels that do whatever — practically like MAC Fluidline/Paint Pot hybrids. You can utilize ’em to line your eyes (both lash as well as water lines), as cream shadows, or as bases for powder products.

The new NARS Eye Paints are available in 10 shades, offered now in the long-term line

“Black Valley takes a bit longer to dry than, say, MAC Blacktrack, providing me much more time to smudge as well as play with it, as well as I discover that it’s likewise much simpler to produce gradients with.

“And then there’s the wear time…

“Wunderbar! like last week in Vegas, with seminar classes from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., I barely had any type of time for my makeup, as well as seriously, the Mandalay Bay hotel had full-sized bottles of Grey Goose in the spaces however no coffee maker (go figure!), so in the mornings I was always sleepy as well as running behind.

“It felt a bit like I was back in college again…except inside a casino.

“Anywho, with only about 10 minutes to get prepared every morning, I’d knock out my Tabs-inspired feline eye with Black Valley on bare lids without any type of primer, as well as at the end of each day, when I’d get back to my room, it still looked practically as fresh as it did very first thing in the morning — just as dark as ever on my lash lines, with extremely minor fading along the water lines.

Black Valley on my lash as well as water lines…
“Before going out to get a bite to eat in the evenings (and to play a couple rounds of Kitty shine after), I’d blot down the radiate on my skin, add a fresh coat of bright lipstick, whack on one more layer of mascara, as well as I was great to go. thanks to Black Valley, I truly didn’t have to touch up my liner at all.

“It stood as much as 16-hour Las vegas desert days, no problem.


“If you’re putting in long hours as well as don’t have time for eye makeup touch-ups, I can’t suggest Black Valley enough. Or, if you have a major situation of KSS as well as absolutely have to wear feline liner whenever you’re away from your kitty captor.”

PRICE: $25 for a 0.08-ounce pot
AVAILABILITY: offered now in the long-term line at NARS counters as well as online
Makeup sowie Charme Blog Bewertung: A

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