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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 274

who is Tabs the Cat? Etwa sechs Jahre zurück bin ich mit einem streunenden, floh-gebissenen Tabbyfelchen mit einer schlechten Würmersituation. I might see he’d fallen on difficult times, however his profound understanding of high fashion as well as department store cosmetics led me to believe that he was more than satisfies the eye. We ended up being quick friends, as well as now he’s really my manager (and a successful kitty model).

Dear good friends as well as feline aficionados,

Just a quick entry tonight. I’ve spent the much better part of the past two days contending with the Christmas crowds, as well as my paws are killing me.


I started at the mall, as well as heavens! — it was a madhouse. So. Viele. Cats, dogs as well as humans.

The dogs were everywhere, running this method as well as that. most of them stayed out of my way, though, which was nice.

The kids were…generally less polite, yelling as well as reaching out with their sticky grabby hands. one of them grabbed my tail however had the great sense to let go when I hissed. one more one exhibited perfect method with her petting, so I advised her to think about a career in expert pet helping after she completed her schooling.


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When my stomach rumbled, I stopped by Boudin’s for a little cup of their tasty clam chowder as well as then stopped by Pier One to look for joyful feline decorations.

Unfortunately, the cat-themed choice was lacking, however the elephants as well as penguins were represented well. They must shop at that store a lot…

As for my kitty modeling, I had a few fun tasks early this week, however things are starting to sluggish down now with Christmas approaching. I’m sure they’ll pick up once again after the first.


Per our routine arrangement, I’m reposting my kitty modeling campaign photos right here in my on the internet portfolio for your evaluation. Ich hoffe es gefällt dir.

Your loving furry friend, always,


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